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Mediacorp Audio Post to produce sound effect design for China’s first animation movie

Mediacorp Audio Post has clinched a deal with Zhe Jiang ZHHY Studios Co., Ltd to produce the sound effect design and Auro3D mixing for Lanling The God of War, a 3D animation movie due for release in early 2019.

Lanling, The God of War is a RMB200 million production helmed by renowned Chinese director Chen Kai. The movie draws its story from the soul‐stirring legend of Lanling, King of the Northern Qi Dynasty and his poignant love story with Princess Yoo Tong of the Northern Zhou Dynasty. The movie promises magnificent landscape as well as real‐life war scenes. A first in China, the movie will be using virtual shooting and pure CG effects technology to create life‐like characters in the movie.

Since 1979, Mediacorp Audio Post has been producing music and sound effects for local television, moving on to sound‐mixing services for the local and regional film industries in the 1980s. This is the first time that it is undertaking the sound effect design and Auro3D mixing for a full animation movie.