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Join us where past and future intersect!

ABU members are being invited to join a unique forum in Europe that merges the finest of the past with the best of the digital future. The ABU-RAI Innovation Days in Rome, Italy, will combine cutting-edge digital media developments with the latest in the preservation of cultural heritage. 

The ‘Innovation Meets Culture – Digital Media and Cultural Heritage’ global forum is being co-hosted by the ABU and its Associate Member, Italian Public Service Broadcaster RAI, from 20-21 March 2018. 

The ABU Head of Radio, Olya Booyar, says Rome is the perfect venue for such a conference.

“What better place to experience the intersection between 21st Century media technology and the conservation of cultural records than in Rome, the crossroads of ancient worlds, one of the planets longest continuous civilisations and a leading practitioner of new media in Europe,” she says.

“This is a rare opportunity for broadcasters from our region to share expertise and see first hand how our colleagues in Europe are meeting the challenges of both digital development and heritage conservation, digitisation and distribution.”

The first day agenda alone is packed with great topics for discussion including: global trends in digitisation and market convergence; new media and multi-platform tools for content creation; how to use big data; practical examples of effective digital and transmedia storytelling; how to implement innovative digital strategies and manage a workforce that is multi-skilled. The final first day’s session will showcase the latest technologies available.

The second day will focus in on how broadcasters are experimenting with digital tools and technologies to revitalise their cultural identities and heritage, ending the formal proceedings with a study tour of practical applications of digital technology and innovation services used for the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage.

The conference will close with a personalised tour of Rome, described by ABU Secretary-General Dr Javad Mottaghi as “a rare opportunity to visit some of the city’s great wonders in the hands of expert guides”.

“Being the European Year of Cultural Heritage in 2018, a very special highlight of this unique get together will be a look at how Rome is using digital media to bring this ancient civilisation’s history to life,” he said.

ABU members are urged to register as soon as possible to take advantage of these specially tailored experiences.  Registration details and more information is available at the ABU-Rai Days website.

Delegations from countries that may need visas for Italy should obtain them before travelling, as no visas can be obtained on arrival. Delegates can check whether they need a visa by visiting the Italian Visa website.