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2018 ABU Radio Song Festival – CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

ABU Member Broadcasters are being urged to showcase their nation’s diverse, young, undiscovered musical talents to the rest of the Asia-Pacific, through the ABU Radio Song Festival, in Astana, Kazakhstan on 11 July, 2018

One of the ABU’s most successful initiatives – the Radio Song Festival, is taking place in 2018 for the first time in Central Asia. Hosted by ABU Member Kazmedia in Astana, Kazakhstan, the Festival will be held during the RadioAsia2018 and Media 2020 Conferences from 10-12 July.   

ABU Members are invited to select their most talented fresh young musician – either a solo artist or a group – to take part in the international Final Gala Event in Astana, Kazakhstan.

ABU Head of Radio, Olya Booyar says the Radio Song Festival is the perfect opportunity for members to unearth new talent and showcase their country’s young music scene to the rest of the Asia-Pacific and around the world:

“Every ABU Member country has super talented young men and women just burning to burst onto the international music scene. The ABU Radio Song Festival is the vehicle they are looking for.”

“The in-country selection processes themselves are just as important as the international finals, as they have been known to unearth some hidden gems of singers, songwriters and instrumentalists who might have otherwise never got a chance at stardom.”

The ABU Song Festival also gives radio and multiplatform media coverage to original compositions and performances from within ABU member countries and shares them with other broadcasters in the ABU to reach audiences across our region and around the world.

For more information and to register your interst, please e-mail the ABU Head of Radio, Olya Booyar.