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KBS-Korea Joins Efforts to Launch Interactive UHD Service

KBS, the national broadcaster in South Korea in collaboration with the terrestrial broadcasters of the country, has launched the world’s first terrestrial UHD Interactive Service TIVIVA, on November 21, 2017.

TIVIVA combines terrestrial UHD channels and online video services, and allows replay of content on the terrestrial channels. In addition, various real-time broadcasts and video services will be provided through a platform company, the Allied Platform, set up by the broadcasters.

The three major terrestrial broadcasters, LG Electronics, and the Allied Platform signed an agreement in an effort to bolster the services and improve the quality of UHD broadcasting for the audiences. The agreement will be effective until the end of March 2018, during the time in which the TIVIVA service will only be available on UHD TV supplied by LG Electronics.

KBS started its UHD broadcasting in May 2017 and has steadily increased the production and broadcasting of UHD content. Recently delivered in high quality full-scale UHD broadcasting service, KBS documentary Journey on Foot captures people of spiritual pilgrimage on three continents. KBS plans to bring the PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games in UHD. Not just the local audience but also visiting guests for the Games will be able to enjoy the new interactive service of the Winter Olympic content in UHD.