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ABU Song Contest

ABU Song Contest is the first big-scale international music competition organized by ABU. This will be a golden opportunity for young and promising singers in the Asia-Pacific regions to rise to fame.The winner will be selected through regional preliminary round, the Semi-Final and the Final.

The winner will be selected through regional preliminary round, the Semi-Final and the Final. Don’t fail to witness the first winning singer of the Contest!

ABU Song Contest


Organizer: ABU

Host: Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Press and Publication

Dates: Thursday, 17 October 2019 for the Semi-Final

Saturday, 19 October 2019 for the Final

Venue: West Coast Star Island, Qingdao, China


1. Broadcaster

  • ABU TV and Radio members in the Asia-Pacific Regions are eligible to join the Contest.
  • One organization per country is allowed to join the Contest. The organization represents the country.
  • Should there be more than one organization per country; ABU will use its discretion to decide through discussion with applicants.
  • Participating broadcaster selects one singer as the representative of the country. If there are more than 2 candidate singers, it is encouraged to hold a preliminary round.
  • Participating broadcaster needs to live broadcast the Final. They are also encouraged to live broadcast the Semi-Final.
  • Participating broadcaster needs to organize their own Audience Jury of 100 people.
  • The winner will be decided by the voting of International Professional Jury, and Audience Jury at respective participating organization ends.
  • No Registration Fee is required.

2. Singers

  • Age; 16 and above
  • Both solo artist and musical group are allowed to join the Contest.
  • Any singer, professional or amateur, is eligible as long as the broadcaster nominates them as a representative singer of the country
  • The singer must sing live. Lip-synching is not allowed.
  • During the ABU Song Contest in Qingdao, the singers start with the Semi-Final.
  • Only the singers who passed the Semi-Final will advance to the Final.

3. Song

  • Singers can select any song for the Contest
  • There is no limitation on Genre and Language
  • Both original or popular song is acceptable as long as the lyrics are not describing any sensitive issues
  • Duration of the song is within 3 minutes

Submission Rules:

Organizations who are willing to participate must submit an Application Form by the Deadline. Participating Broadcaster must appoint an ABU Song Contest Representative Producer (“RP”). RP refers to a producer or programme director assigned by Participating Organization.

Download Guidelines for the ABU Song Contest.pdf
Download ABU Song Contest Participation Form.docx

  Application Form        20 March

Nominate Musical Act   30 June



ABU Programme Department

Koichi Okumura

Hanizah Hamzah

Lai Kai Yan   

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