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KBS-Korea offers drama content to RTA-Afghanistan

KBS President & CEO Ko Dae-young and RTA Director General Zarin Anzor sign an agreement on broadcast right during the ABU General Assembly in Chengdu, China.

The agreement with the National Radio Television of Afghanistan allows the RTA to have the broadcast right to air a historical drama series of KBS, Jeong Do Jeon. It will allow the Afghan broadcaster to broadcast 50 episodes of Jeong Do Jeon via RTA channels until December 31, 2020.  

Jeong Do Jeon is a historical period drama that illuminates the life of a real-life historical figure Jeong Do Jeon, one of the most powerful scholars and politicians in Korea in the 14th century. The series was first screened in Korea via KBS TV1 between January 4 and June 29 in 2014.

As a leading member of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, KBS has been continuing its efforts to make a contribution to the development of media and content industry in the region. The co-operation agreement between KBS and RTA is expected to bring high quality KBS content to audiences in Afghanistan and expand the possibility of future exchange opportunity between the two broadcasters.