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New direction for Compass on TRT World

Istanbul-based international English-language news channel TRT World has announced the transmission of the second instalment of its prominent arts and culture programme Compass on 20 January.

Compass aims to take viewers on a journey into the heart of current cultural debates and sees itself as an exploration of creativity and current issues, of artistic design and forgotten stories. In the documentary series Dr Myriam Francois goes on a journey of exploration, speaking to artists, philosophers, architects and musicians as they use their creativity to inspire change, challenge the status quo and highlight injustices.

In its latest episode, Crafting an Identity, Compass focuses on artists and cultural influencers who are forging a new identity for Britain. It speaks to UK-based artists trying to make sense of what ‘Britishness’ means in a post Brexit world asking what exactly is the modern-day British identity and how are artists working to create a positive vision for the future of ‘Britishness’. The programme travels across the country, and to continental Europe to understand what the 21st century British identity is and how artists are helping to shape it. In another episode, it goes to Algeria to find out what’s at stake if the iconic casbah, a central site of resistance to colonialism, and the heart of the old city, is left to crumble, despite attempts to preserve this UNESCO world heritage site?

Commenting on the series, programme presenter, Myriam Francois said: “Compass takes viewers on a journey into the cultural debates of our time, travelling to the heart of the conversations dividing nations and engaging with those seeking to use creativity to change the world.”

Added Compass executive producer Sarah Head: “The series offers a unique and fresh look at cultural issues that matter to TRT World’s audience, through the eyes of artists, creatives and philosophers.”