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NHK’s Five Major Objectives for next Three years

The Corporate Plan begins with six core public values that NHK-Japan strives to pursue such as “Provide Accurate, Fair, Impartial Information” and  “Create High-Quality Cultural Experiences” to achieve its mission as a public service media provider.

To accomplish these values, the plan also sets five major objectives to fulfil its role as a core component of social infrastructure:

  1. Continue to evolve as a Public Service Media Provider
  2. Contribute to Local Communities
  3. Look to the Future
  4. Maintain the Understanding of our Viewers
  5. Strive to promote Creativity, Efficiency, and Trust

As NHK always has, it will endeavour to respond to the needs and interests of viewers in Japan and rest of the world coupled with an array of new technologies and opportunities, for next three years following the values and objectives above.

While television remains the core operation, simultaneous internet broadcasting will be used as well to allow audience access to accurate and multifaceted information. Towards the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, NHK will utilize cutting-edge technology including 8K (Super Hi-Vision).  NHK also strengthens Japan’s global connections, as it soon will relaunch its international service as NHK WORLD-JAPAN, with even more diverse and relevant programming.

The NHK President, Mr Ryoichi Ueda said that the NHK group is striving together and is doing its utmost to earn greater trust among its audiences and create the foundations for public service media provider that can convey important things in a more profound and more accessible manner.