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Call for Entry: ABU PRIZES 2018!

ABU Prizes 2018 now have three new categories in which you can showcase your outstanding programs.

They are:

  1. Radio Docudrama;
  2. Radio Personality; and
  3. ABU Digital Content Award

To make it easier for you to submit your entries in the new categories, here is a short summary of each and an explanation of requirements:

1. Radio Docudrama

Either stand-alone or part of a drama series based on real events and presenting a non-fictional examination of the events or their participants.

Note: The distinguishing feature of this category is that it is a dramatised depiction of real events and therefore non–fiction. Fictionalised depictions should be entered into the Radio Drama category.

2. On Air Personality

Work of a single on-air personality, either a single performance or a compilation. This could include DJ, host, presenter, anchor, news reader, traffic reporter, news reporter and/or correspondent.  Judging Criteria: While the same judging criteria is applicable to all the categories, the personality criteria will need energy, which might be expressed in different ways: lively and talkative or quiet and thoughtful, but still with energy in their voice and in their presentation style. You should include an explanation of why your chosen entry is special. 

3. ABU Digital Content Award

We are launching a New Media award for ABU Prizes titled ‘Digital Content Award’. Enter and stand a chance to win the first-ever ABU award for innovative online content.  Judging Criteria: Entries submitted for the ABU Digital Content Award must be online media content developed as an extension of existing TV or Radio programmes and/or stand-alone original productions that are tailor-made using a wide range of available digital tools. Please refer to the attached submission guidelines for the types of entries accepted for this award.

This year, the Entry Deadline is 18 May 2018 (Friday). This is to take into account this year’s Awards Gala evening which takes place during the ABU GA, on 4 October, 2018

Please send your submissions early. If you have any questions on the new categories or need further details of the contest, please access: ABU Prizes 2018 Contest Rules and the Entry Form. You can also contact us at .  We look forward to your active participation in the ABU Prizes 2018!

For more information on all categories of the ABU Prizes click here.