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Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting-IRIB launches iFilm 2 to air on Iranian TV films and series for Persian-speaking nations

An iFilm 2 pilot channel has been in operation since February, broadcasting a large number of Iranian film productions across Afghanistan and Tajikistan.

“Having cultural, civilizational and historical affinities with Afghanistan, Tajikistan and other Persian-speaking nations in the Central Asian illustrates the necessity of launching the channel,” iFilm 2 director Nasser Hajazifar told the Persian service of MNA on Saturday.

The 24-hour channel has selected the motto “A Friend of Families”.

Hajazifar said that the channel will broadcast productions with “an appropriate content” in comparison with Turkish and Western TV series.

He also added that the difference in the Persian dialects being used in the region would not make it difficult for the nations to understand the language of films and series.  

Earlier in September 2010, IRIB launched three channels of iFilm in English, Arabic and Persian.