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SBS’s Untold Australia VR Immerses Audiences

SBS’s Digital Creative Labs has released the final Untold Australia VR (virtual reality) immersive experiences, ‘Every King Tide’ and ‘A Thin Black Line’, which bring to life two diverse Torres Strait Islander stories.

Every King Tide explores the community of Poruma, who are at risk of losing their homes and livelihoods, as well as their connection to history, country and culture. The VR documentary takes audiences on a journey to meet the residents of this tiny island in the Torres Strait, which is slowly being eroded and swallowed by the sea. Despite the challenges faced by the 200 individuals who call Poruma home, Every King Tide, produced by Bunya Productions (Sweet Country), gives audiences a first person perspective of this community’s spirit, faith and passion for the island they call home.

By Phil Sandberg