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Voice of Vietnam tests Digital Radio

The Voice of Vietnam is testing Digital Radio Mondiale digital radio on medium wave (675 kHZ) during the month of April from a transmitter situated 30 kilometers outside Hanoi.

During the initial trials, which took place on April 16 and 17, the public–service media house successfully broadcast content and data of its three channels — VOV1, VOV2 and VOV3 — on a single frequency.

VOV is now readying for a second set of test transmissions, slated for April 24 and 25 from 5 p.m.–7 p.m. UTC. The broadcasts are expected to cover an area of more than 200 kilometers.

Also, Voice of Vietnam’s 13th National Radio Festival is taking place this week in the northern province of Vinh.

This year’s festival opened with a bang as drums were beaten and fireworks went off during the opening ceremony.

The festival focuses on radio’s role in promoting industrialization, modernization, and international integration. A conference and awards ceremony will explore new technology and provide “an opportunity to honor reporters whose work have a positive impact on society, as well as a chance for journalists to meet and exchange experience.”

International speakers at the conference included Steve Ahern from Australia, Joanne Ha from KBS Korea, and Masakazu Iwaki from NHK Japan. Conference sessions will include discussions on transmission, new platforms, podcasting, and social media usage.

This year’s National Radio Festival will award 17 gold, 47 silver, 84 bronze and 60 consolation prizes. It also has 5 awards for the best program production work.

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