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Korean Titles & Formats Will Come To U.S. in Deal Between KBS America And U.S. Producers

KBS America, Inc. has entered into an agreement with Jim Figueroa and his company Koryo Pop, LLC and Teddy Zee and his company that bears his name, to bring Korean Broadcasting titles and formats into the U.S. market. “The Korean wave is alive and well, stronger than ever,” said Zee, who is a former studio executive and producer of such films as Hitch and Pursuit of Happyness. “We look forward to supporting Korea’s top broadcaster in bringing their extensive library of titles to new audiences.”

KBS America is a Los Angeles-based company and subsidiary of South Korea-based Korean Broadcasting System which was established in 2004. KBS aired the original version of the hit series The Good Doctor in Korea, which was remade for the U.S. market on ABC network by executive producers Daniel Dae Kim and David Shore. That U.S. remake turned out to be the highest-rated new series last year and has been renewed for a second season.