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New perspectives for the channel from Kazakhstan

Launched in 2002, Kazakh TV is the only channel in Kazakhstan and Central Asia broadcasting programs about the region. The focus of the channel are divided into several sections such as tourism, culture, history and more. 

Viewers of Kazakh TV can be a part of delightful journeys through rapidly developing Central Asia countries with their breathtaking landscapes and unique traditions.

Kazakh TV is a part of Khabar Agency which is one of the largest broadcasting companies in Kazakhstan and has recently begun broadcasting in Kyrgyz. Kazakh TV is available to viewers in  in Kazakh, Russian, English and Kyrgyz. This autumn, viewers will be able to watch the channel in Uzbek.

Sandugash Rakhimzhanova, the director of Kazakh TV, says the channel is continuing to work on increasing the number of languages it broadcasts in.