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Broadcast and internet services to improve with completion of ground station with Bhutan Broadcasting Service (BBS)

With the completion of the ground station inside the Bhutan Broadcasting Service (BBS) compound next month, television and mobile services are expected to reach all the corners of the country, according to Communications Minister DN Dhungyel.

The minister was responding to a question from North Thimphu MP Tshering who asked when would every household of Soe, Naro and Lingshi gewogs under Thimphu receive television and internet services.

The three gewogs on a pilot basis were provided with BBS channel I and II, and internet services from April this year. “This being a pilot basis, other gewogs were only given BBS channels,” minister said. “So, not all the households of the three geowgs have access to television and mobile services.”

He said that more than half of the ground station is completed. After the disk is installed at the ground station, he said each household in the 20 dzongkhags, 205 gewogs, and 1144 chiwogs would have BBS channels I and II services.