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Korea Educational Broadcasting System Boosts Content Quality with QC from Interra Systems

Korea Educational Broadcasting System (EBS) has deployed Interra Systems’ BATON file-based QC solution and Content Corrector in its Seoul facility to streamline quality control (QC) operations. Transitioning from an entirely manual-based QC process to one that is automated, EBS can deliver superior quality, error-free content.

“EBS handles a massive number of video files on a daily basis, which makes it all the more imperative that our QC process is fast, efficient, and reliable in terms of helping us meet rigorous standards and compliance requirements,” said Bora Jung, Broadcast Engineering Division, at Korea Educational Broadcasting System. “BATON handles every type of QC check you can think of, from video to audio, closed captions and even loudness correction. Since we no longer have to devote manual labor to these tasks, we can focus on content development, creation, and additional business growth opportunities.”