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ABU Secretary General Javad Mottaghi thanks Kazakhstan’s Communications Ministry for hosting this year’s Radio Asia conference

RadioAsia 2018, the Europe-Asia Media 2020 dialogue and the Radio Song Festival celebrating the diversity of the Union’s membership has concluded in Kazakhstan.

ABU Secretary General Dr Javad Mottaghi praised the hosts, Kazmedia, for putting on a highly organised event. 

Media 2020 is dedicated to discussing topical issues, current and long-term trends in the development of the media industry.

Mrs Nurgul Oserbaevna Mairberlinova, Vice-Minister of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan stated “The Media2020 provides a unique opportunity for media professionals representing different cultures to discuss the biggest challenges the media is facing today such as fake news and how to harness the huge potential of the new digital  technologies.”

“This is also an opportunity to reassess the role of Central Asia as a crossroad of information streams and highlight the new trends in the development of our industry.”

Georgică Severin, President Director General of Radio Romania at the closing of the event stated, “Together we have made a consistent step forward in shaping our future considering our local experiences and difficulties in the current global frame. For all of us it has been exceptionally refreshing to learn from the experiences of our speakers.”

The event brought together more than 100 representatives of 37 member countries of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union. The event contributes to strengthening of international cooperation of the media industry of Kazakhstan, a dialogue on the discussion of global media trends, promotion of the image of the capital of Kazakhstan.