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All India Radio once known as Bombay Radio Station, celebrates birthday

On July 23 1927, India’s first commercial radio station started its service when daily radio transmission broadcasting was started under its then-name, Bombay Radio Station. According to an agreement during British rule, on July 23, 1927, the private Indian Broadcasting Company LTD (IBC) was authorised to operate two radio stations.

One was the Bombay station, which began on July 23, 1927, and the other was the Calcutta station, which started on August 26, 1927. Therefore IBC started its first radio transmission broadcasting through Bombay Radio Station on July 23, 1927.

However, IBC went into liquidation on March 1, 1930 and the Government took over the broadcasting facilities. Later on April 1, 1930, the broadcasting began with Indian State Broadcasting Service (ISBS).  On 8 June 1936, the ISBS was renamed All India Radio.