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‘If Treasures could Talk’ returns to Chinese screens

“If Treasures could Talk” is a documentary about Chinese cultural relics jointly produced by China Central Television and the State Administration of Cultural Heritage.

The first series was a hit across China, and the second season begins today.

This season will bring viewers 25 national treasures from the Warring States period (475-221 BC) to the Qin Dynasty ( 221-207 BC) and Han Dynasty (202 BC- 220 AD). Each of the 100 episodes will cover a cultural relic in five minutes.

Each relic has its own distinct personality and portrays the temperament of the time they were created as well as the ancient wisdom concealed in them.

The documentary will use the eyes of the relics to look back at the ancient civilization that has been sealed by time to tell stories from their perspectives. The second season will use more high-tech means to provide audiences with more imaginative and creative exploration.