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VOV to host 57th ABU General Assembly in 2020

The Voice of Vietnam Radio (VOV)’s President Nguyen The Ky and Secretary General of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) Javad Mottaghi have discussed preparations for the 57th ABU General Assembly and related meetings to take place in Hanoi in 2020.

At a meeting in VOV’s head office in Hanoi on Friday, Mr. Ky praised the  Secretary General’s contributions to broadcasting development and the support ABU has given to Vietnam since the country joined the organization in 1964. He said: “VOV has received much assistance from the ABU for years. The Union has provided information which helps direct VOV’s development, trained personnel, and linked VOV with other members of the Union. The ABU also forges links with broadcasting associations of other regions all over the world. We thank ABU for selecting VOV as the host of the ABU General Assembly in 2020.”

Dr Mottaghi expressed his appreciation to VOV in hosting the historic event in two years’ time and pledged his support for this effort.