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2018 ABU CARE 8 2nd Producers Meeting concludes in Kuala Lumpur

The annual co-production initiative Change Asia Rescue the Earth, initiated by KBS-Korea and developed by the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, with the theme of Green Warrior, is to create a documentary series that illuminates an individual or group who has dedicated to protecting the environment of his (or her or their) community for future generations.  

The term environment here refers to environmental issues such as global warming as well as social, cultural, and political aspects of life that threaten community values.

The CARE 2018 series brings stories of highly devoted green warriors from all corners of the world. The series will explore challenges and continuing efforts made by Asian countries to create a society that is understood by all human beings.

Mr. Ra Won-Sik, Deputy Director and Senior Producer, Documentary & Factual Department, Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) chaired the event held at the Pacific Regency Hotel and Suites in Kuala Lumpur. 

Ra Won-Sik has been working as a TV producer for Korean Broadcasting System(KBS) since 1995. As Chief Producer, he currently oversees the operations of Documentary and Factual Department. He has enjoyed an extensive career in the production of documentaries and current affairs programs. 

Participants from Fiji, Mauritius, China and Turkey were represented. They discussed, exchanged ideas and resulted  in fruitful and productive outcomes.