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CCTV to help Botswana setup an Agriculture TV channel

Botswana’s agricultural sector has not been performing well due to the fact that Botswana is a semi-arid country, with limited and unpredictable rainfall – harsh climatic conditions worsened by climate change. On his part, Head of Delegation and Director of China Central Television (CCTV-7) Agricultural Program, Zhao Zekun said they want to deepen relations between Botswana and China by availing Botswana citizens with information and expertise on agricultural technologies. This he said will ensure that Africans, not just Batswana, have better food.

Zhao and his 21 member delegation that consists of media personnel from CCTV-7, pharmaceutical company representatives, and those from the advertising sector among other potential investors from China attended the Botswana summit after visiting Namibia and South Africa in the same vain. CCTV-7 offered Botswana Television its agricultural content, as showcasing farming in Africa and Asia, with the establishment of the television channel solely focused on agriculture, more advantages are however envisioned for the country.

The CCTV-7 Agricultural Program runs a daily broadcaster for 8 hours, has 14 agricultural TV columns and its audience coverage reaches 1.3 million.  Ranked first in China, CCTV-7 has a history of over 60 years, years of experience that Botswana found itself wanting to benefit and learn from. The interest emanates from the fact that the media is seen as better placed in spreading information on new farming techniques and technology across the world, reaching the rural poor.