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ABU Technology Webinars to be held from 15 Aug – 14 Sep, 2018

The ABU is pleased to announce its Technology Webinar series 2018. The online webinars will run from 15 August – 14 September. Registration is now open online. Please click the link provided below to book:

Registration URL:
Webinar ID: 994-089-715 

The ABU Technology Webinars is a series of online webinars offered free of cost to those interested in broadcast technology. The month long series will include presentations on different aspects and applications of broadcast technology.
This year the webinar topics will cover the following main themes:

  • Digital Radio: Technologies and Implementations
  • Audio Enhancements
  • Archiving
  • IP Technology and Security
  • OTT and IBB Technologies

The detailed programme and topics of the webinar series will be uploaded on ABU’s event website soon. Participation is free of charge.

The first session starts at 01:30 hrs GMT (9:30am KL/Sin/HK time – view in your timezone) each day and will be repeated at 07:00 hrs GMT on the same day (3:00pm KL/Sin/HK time – view in your timezone). Both sessions are identical, so participants can choose the session that suits them best.

For more details, please go to