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Partnership of Broadcasting Corporations of Kazakhstan and South Korea

The chairman of Khabar Agency, Alan Azhibayev signed a memorandum of understanding and cooperation with Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) in Seoul. KBS is the largest broadcasting company in South Korea and has 12 television channels and seven radio stations with over 5,000 employees.

Khabar Agency and KBS became strategic partners in the media sphere. Bilateral relations between the two companies began in 2014, as both are members of the Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union.

Alan Azhibayev discussed with KBS President and CEO, Yang Sung-dong, the issues of content exchange, distribution of products by Khabar Agency in Southeast Asia, as well as joint productions and exchange of experience.

Dinara Abakayeva, Head of the International Cooperation Dept, KHABAR AGENCY states:  – “Khabar Agency is a full member of the Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union. Moreover, the Agency is also a member of the Administrative Council, which is the major council of the Union. This memorandum is set to strengthen cooperation between the Korean television and the leading Kazakh television in terms of content sharing. We are interested to promote our content in Southeast Asia, including the Korean territory.”

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