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ABU ROBOCON winner announced in Ninh Binh, Vietnam

Hosted by Vietnam Television in Ninh Binh, the 17th ABU ROBOCON took place on 26th August. 18 teams from 17 countries and region gathered at Ninh Binh Sport Center and competed heated matches by robots. 

This year’s theme was “Nem con; shuttlecock throwing”, based on a traditional folk game in North Vietnam, wishing happiness and prosperity. Audience were amazed by the skillful throwing of colorful shuttlecocks by the robots. 

The final match was fought between Northeastern University, China and Lac Hong University, Vietnam. After a close match, Lak Hong University won the Grand Prix. The ABU ROBOCON Award, which is presented to the most excellent robot in terms of ingenuity and high technical skill, went to the University of Tokyo, Japan. 

NHK live webcasted the contest in 13 languages by using automatic translation system from Japanese to each language.  Participating organisations are: DD-India, Fiji TV-Fiji, IRIB-Iran, ITN-Sri Lanka, NHK-Japan, KA-Kazakhstan, MNB-Mongolia, Modernine TV/MCOT-Thailand, National Media Authority-Egypt, NTV-Nepal, PTV-Pakistan, RTHK-Hong Kong, RTM-Malaysia, SDTV-China, TVK-Cambodia, TVRI-Indonesia and VTV-Vietnam