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RT pioneers revolutionary cooperation project with ABU

RT has launched a brand-new co-production initiative along with the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, which allows it to share its unique know-how in 360 Virtual Reality technologies with leading Asian broadcasters.


The award-winning RT team that sent a 360° camera into space, has shared its experience in using the most advanced video technologies as part of a cooperation workshop called the ABU-RT 360 VR Short Film Co-production initiative. In this project, RT partnered with the ABU, which comprises media outlets from across the region, including such giants as China’s Global Television Network (CTGN) (formerly CCTV News). The potential audience of the ABU is up to 3.5 billion people.


A group of media specialists from various Asian broadcasting companies spent three days in Moscow learning how to create and promote innovative online content tailor-made for the internet generation, as well as telling compelling stories in 360°. The list of participants that took part in the event held between August 21 and 23 included visitors from China, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey, Kazakhstan, and Malaysia.


“I want to thank RT360 and ABU for this great seminar. What I liked about it was we were not only listening to people speak, but we had to do hands on, and we’ve been in the field and made a VR film,” David Redman, an adviser for Bang Productions, told RT, calling the approach “project based education” and adding that “it was an excellent way to learn about VR.”