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Belt and Road Media Community: Building a bridge for cultural communication

The 2018 Belt and Road Media Community Summit Forum was held on Tuesday in Xi’an, the origin of the ancient Silk Road. The capital of at least 12 dynasties is not expecting trade caravans today, rather professionals from over 100 media outlets from around the world.

Media professionals are meeting to map out a multi-faceted future, aimed at creating one of the largest platforms for cultural and innovation exchanges.

“Let us seize the opportunities created by the Belt and Road Initiative,” said Xue Jijun, Chairman and President of China International Television Corporation.

The forum witnessed signings and launches of key cooperation projects, including the Eurasia News Sharing and Exchange Platform. The move is expected to enhance the sharing of resources among news agencies in the region.

“The media is the bridge of information exchange. To build a regional information sharing platform will need joint efforts from everyone,” said Jiang Heping, head of China Global Television Network.