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Programme Committee Meeting

On the afternoon of 30th September, the ABU’s Programme Committee meeting started with welcome remarks by Mr Nurmammet Garlyyev, TVTM Chairman. Excellent speakers from around the world joined the meeting and shared their knowledge and experience in the panel session on the topic of digital media and marketing contents. 

Some of the planned programming activities were also introduced in the meeting. 

Ms Supriya Sahu, ABU Acting President, presented the 2nd ABU International Dance Festival, which will take place in New Delhi from 7-9 March next year. 

A new project under the Golden Ribbon Initiative, together with Belt and Road Media Community in China was also introduced. It is “New Silk Road in My Eyes.” This is an international co-production project that covers the cities along the Silk Road which will explore the deep imprint of Silk Road culture.

ABU Media Summit on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction will take place in Nepal from 25 -26 next April. Dr Mahendra Bista, Executive Chairman of Nepal Television made a presentation on this important topic.

Beautiful Minds, a girls’ education co-production project was also announced at the Programme Committee meeting. This project is to produce documentaries and exchange with each other among broadcasting unions including ABU.

The Annual Pacific Media Partnership Conference will take place in Samoa from 5-6 next August. Ms. Faisea Matafeo, Managing Director of SBC invited all to the beautiful island of Samoa, the conference’s host country.

Associate Professor of University of Wollongong, Ms. Siobhan McHugh, invited Radio members to the podcasting co-production, which will take place from 27 November to 2 December.  This is the first time ABU will conduct podcasting co-production.

At the end of the Programme Committee meeting, the election of PB, Program Bureau members and vice chairpersons were conducted. 14 Programme Bureau members for the next 2 years are to be: BTV-Bangladesh, CCTV-China, EBS-Korea, FBC-Fiji, IRIB-Iran, KBS-Korea, MNB-Mongolia, NHK-Japan, PB-India, RRI-Indonesia, RTM-Malaysia, ThaiPBS-Thailand, TRT-Turkey, and VTV-Vietnam. For the Vice Chairpersons, two former vice chairpersons, Mr Soleman Yusuf, RRI-Indonesia and Mr Keizo Izuta, NHK-Japan, were both re-elected.