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AfreecaTV and South Korean Broadcaster SBS Form Joint TV Channel and Company

A South Korean livestreaming platform has established a joint partnership with SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System) to co-operate an esports television network and produce content.

SBS-AfreecaTV will be the name of both the channel and company, which is co-owned in a 50-50 split by the two partners. The company will prepare esports content for terrestrial and cable broadcast, as well as online platforms. So far, SBS-AfreecaTV has announced a show called “Esports Magazine GG.”

The companies will also collaborate on managing tournament events and licensing matters. Earlier this year, prior to the formation of the joint company, SBS and AfreecaTV worked together to co-produce esports broadcasts for the 2018 Asian Games. Titles like and Clash Royale were demonstration sports at the event.