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Animation x Paralympic’: Who Is Your Hero? Ep. 4 to be broadcast

‘Ani x Para’: Who Is Your Hero? ( depicts Para-athletes in Japanese anime series known worldwide. This project aims to bring to life heroes of Para sports using the captivating characters and rich stories that popular manga artists create. It will feature more and more types of Para sports for the year 2020.

This time, the series collaborates with the anime KochiKame: Tokyo Beat Cops, and offbeat police officer Kankichi Ryotsu…tries out goalball?! Other familiar characters also return. What kind of story will unfold in the long-awaited new episode of KochiKame that takes place in the world of ‘Ani x Para’? Watch for Ryo-san’s antics as well 

Episodes will also be posted on the website ( Videos are available on the project website ( and the official NHK YouTube channel as well.