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First season of MasterChef Singapore served up a delectable feast for close to 900,000 viewers

The first season of MasterChef Singapore was a resounding success with close to 900,000 viewers tuning into the entire eight-episode reality show. This makes MasterChef Singapore the most watched local variety series on Channel 5 since the new audience measurement system, SG-TAM was introduced. 

The show garnered an astounding 277,000 viewers during the season finale on Sunday 21 October 2018 that revealed IT Business Manager and season favourite, Zander Ng, being crowned the inaugural MasterChef Singapore winner. The finale episode was also the most watched single episode for a variety series on Channel 5 since 2016.

MasterChef Singapore also generated 387,000 video views and drew over 100,000 unique viewers on Toggle.

Irene Lim, Chief Customer Officer, Mediacorp said: “Irene Lim, Chief Customer Officer, Mediacorp said: “MasterChef Singapore Season 1 has been defined by a fantastic fan following, seen in the high viewership on TV and Toggle, high levels of social media interaction and large turnout at every on-ground event. The show has spurred gastronomic ambitions as much as it has sparked debates about who served it better and inspired people to share home recipes and cooking tips. We are gratified by the strong support and reactions of fans who have journeyed with their favourite contestants and with us through a fascinating first season. There’s clearly an appetite for a second season!”