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ABU and NHK President Mr Ryoichi Ueda Visits ABU Secretariat in Kuala Lumpur

Mr Ryoichi Ueda and his delegation comprising of Mr. Akinori Hashimoto (Executive Controller), Mr. Tatsuhiro Beniko, (Senior Manager – International Relations) and Mr. Masafumi Tomita (Secretary to Mr. Ueda) paid a courtesy call upon the Secretariat.

He attended briefings and meetings with the Secretary General, the ABU Directors, Managers and other staff at the ABU. He was updated on the ABU’s future work plans and projects and the ABU’s work to date by heads of the departments of the Secretariat.

In an afternoon open session, the President gave a brief speech to all the staff and heard updates from all staff members on their efforts at serving ABU member organisations. Mr Ueda particularly commended the ABU action plan for the next three years from 2019-2021. 

He further advised the Secretariat to continue its focus on delivering quality, members’ needs and further reducing the digital divide that exists in the region. After a fruitful and informative round of meetings at ABU headquarters, Mr Ueda and all of the staff of the ABU Secretariat adjourned for a group lunch and photo session.