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NHK WORLD-JAPAN to Expand Chinese Service-‘NHK Huayu Shijie (华语视界)’

NHK WORLD-JAPAN will launch a new Chinese-language service, namely: ‘NHK Huayu Shijie (华语视界)’, on 15th January 2019. ‘NHK Huayu Shijie’ is a linear Internet service for the distribution of Chinese-language news and programs. ‘Huayu Shijie’ means ‘Chinese-language horizons’. It represents our commitment to helping people discover more of the world, including Japan, and satisfy their interest in broader horizons. 

‘NHK Huayu Shijie’ is available Monday to Friday on weekdays (excluding Japanese public holidays, in principle) with Chinese-language dubbing and/or subtitles (Simplified Chinese characters). –  News and programs are available for viewing on-demand after distribution (news remain available until 19:00 of the next day).