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Celebrate your achievements on World Radio Day!

The ABU is urging all its Radio members to take part in World Radio Day 2019 next month, this year on the theme “Dialogue, Tolerance and Peace”.

WRD on February 13 will be the 8th in the annual series coordinated by UNESCO with partners such as the ABU around the World.

The Union’s Head of Radio, Olya Booyar, says it a unique opportunity each year for radio makers and broadcasters to celebrate the very best programming in the industry.

“We in the Asia-Pacific can be justly proud of many of our excellent programs year-round,” she says. “But on World Radio Day we get the share in each other’s achievements and showcase our best work.”

She is asking all ABU members who are making special programs or broadcasting material celebrating WRD to let her team at the ABU know, so they can amplify members’ efforts within the Union’s worldwide networks.

“If your programs celebrating great radio are so good, why not let everyone in the world know?” she asks.

This year’s theme of “Dialogue, Tolerance and Peace” will showcase how radio broadcasts can be effective at promoting dialogue and participation between different groups in society, as well as uniting them under common concerns.

Olya says the ABU has long been a major partner in promoting and celebrating the achievements of its members through World Radio Day. Like UNESCO, they see it as an occasion for stations and networks to create awareness for the many aspects of radio, celebrate on-air, create special WRD content, join the conversation on social media (#WorldRadioDay) and encourage listeners to participate.

If  members need more ideas, they can find 10 great concepts on the dedicated website, such as airing the voices of marginalised groups to empower the voiceless, hosting on-air discussions of local issues and highlighting community spirit.

The website is also where radio producers can register their events to promote their own programming and – through social media – help make World Radio Day a consistent global trending topic on Twitter on the day of the celebrations.

Register now and don’t forget to let the ABU know about your plans, so we can publicise them across the region and around the world.