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Programme Department

The Programme Department coordinates the exchange of quality content on rights-free basis through the ABU Children’s TV Item Exchange which started in 1992 as an annual event and the ABU TV Documentary Screening and Exchange.

The ABU co-organise with the Asian Media Information and Communication Centre (AMIC) the annual three-day conference where hot issues on radio programming are on agenda. This is the one of the key regional conference focusing on radio industry and covers public service broadcasting, community radio and commercial radio.


ABU members regularly organise TV co-productions in the field of children's programming and documentary programmes. Children's TV Drama Co-production is conducted under the principle of ‘Make one episode and take all others'. TV documentary co-production related to current issues.


Programme Activities

These events are aimed to invite media organizations with broadcasting and production capabilities from various countries to participate in the Project from a personal perspective and in the form of first-person expression. These workshops are aimed to provide information on Reality Show Programming to ABU members.


ABU Workshops

These workshops give hands-on training focuses on making effective short video clips for various platforms and various purposes including educational, campaign and news programmes. They are designed to provide producers, editors and journalists of RTM the knowledge and skills that are essential in TV Campaign production


Programme Advisory Service

The Programme Department offers Programme Advisory Service to our members depending on their training and development needs in programme production,audience participation etc. The Programme Department does not offer supply of broadcast or production equipment under this scheme.


ABU Webinars

As part of new activities for our Members, ABU Programme Department has launched a series of webinars on a variety of topics relevant to the fast-changing broadcasting industry.<br /> The objective of the webinars is to facilitate online sessions on various topics and provide a forum to discuss issues concerning broadcasters.


ABU Academy

We recognise the increasing need of broadcasters to understand the changing dynamics of broadcasting in a highly mobile, digital world and how mobile devices are revolutionising the way you broadcast your content to audiences. it helps to understand how mobile technology is changing the broadcast industry.

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Administered by the Technology Department this service provides the developing broadcasters among ABU members with the help they need in improving their standards of service and equip staff with skills needed to perform their responsibilities and planning new projects.

  • Assists in providing legal information and research material
  • Represents the ABU at the World Intellectual Property Organization
  • A platform to discuss relevant intellectual property rights issues

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The Programme Department of the ABU undertakes wide range of activities addressing the current needs of the members. Connect with the Programme Department of ABU.

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