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ABU Partners with the Pacific Community for Environmental Action

Apia, Samoa is currently a hive of activity in the ongoing awareness campaign on Climate Change. SPREP alongside other partners are hosting a series of discussions and presentations prior to their PMC conference next week.

ABU representatives were present at a number of the meetings this week in preparation for the PMPC and associated Climate Change workshop also to be held in Apia, 5 – 9 August 2019.

The discussions offered insights and perspectives on the growing contribution that science based data will offer in the coming years to global, environmental policies and investment. Meterological representatives from across the Pacific were also made aware of the need to communicate their findings with relevant stakeholders and the wider public in understandable and useable formats – arguments heard in the past but even more important as new data and crucial research is used in government and institutional planning.

The ABU “Getting tthe message across” workshop will therefore be the next step forward in engaging our media members and partners in dealing with our ever changing environment.

The workshop is part of the 10th ABU  Pacific Media Partnership Conference (PMPC), which is generously hosted by the ABU Samoa member TV1 Samoa. The PMPC will be held in Apia, 5 and 6 August 2019. The TV1 Samoa CEO Faiesea Matafeo, who is also the Chair of the PMPC, said: “ We need to campaign to make media a trusted partner, a go- between, people and  governments and science community when it comes to communicating climate change challenges and solutions. These are issues that affect all of us. That is why we have to work together”.