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#ABU2019GNF #TrustAndTruth #Journalism to move the social dialogue at the 2019 Global News Forum

As decision makers from global and regional news organisations gather for the 5th Global News Forum in Istanbul, Turkey, ABU’s News department-Asiavision has rolled out an extensive plan to keep the offline dialogue alive on the cyberspace.

With stirring discussions planned around the biggest news stories of the past year, Asiavision will be posting live updates of these discussions as well as highlight reels of the forum sessions on the Asiavision Facebook page, as well as live tweets via @ABU_HQ. Additionally photos from the event can be accessed by members on ABU’s Flickr channel.

Some of the most anticipated case studies and panels for this year’s forum include the #Khashoggi killing, #ChristchurchMassacre, #FakeNews , #5GTechnology and #NewsEthics, among others, which can all be tracked on social media via the forum’s hashtag #ABU2019GNF and accompanying tags #TrustAndTruth, #Journalism, #Asiavision and the respective topical tags.

The 2019 Global News Forum is preceded by the Asiavision’s News Group Meeting, which will also have similar social media coverage via the tag; #ABUNewsGroup2019. Both events are hosted by Turkey’s TRT and will take place from the 29th to 31st of July.