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Change Asia Rescue the Earth (CARE) 9

CARE is a documentary co-production and exchange project initiated by an ABU Member, KBS-South Korea in 2009 “to inform the public about the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDG) as well as to promote media social responsibility to make this place a better place for all.” Now it tackles issues that are beyond those mentioned in MDG.

There are 2 meetings for each CARE cycle that gather participating producers to exchange ideas on their documentaries and also their progress on their respective CARE documentaries, under the guidance of the Executive Producer of that cycle. All of the documentaries will then be exchanged among the participants at copyright-free on “Make One, Take All” basis.

Below are the details of CARE 9, the cycle for the year 2018-2019:


New Generation


First Meeting – hosted by GZDOC and in conjunction with Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival

Venue: Guangzhou, China

Date: 10th – 12th December 2018


Second Meeting – hosted by VTV – Vietnam

Venue: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Date: 12th – 14th June 2019


* Stay tuned for participation call for CARE 10.

Executive Producer, Jeong-joong KIM, Senior Producer, KBS-Korea
CARE 9 Second Meeting