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Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Turkey and China win the 1st Annual Asiavision Awards

ISTANBUL, 29 July 2019: Public broadcasters from Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Turkey and China have won the 1st Annual Asiavision Awards, which recognise excellence in news shared among members of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union’s news exchange platform.

The Awards were presented in three categories at the Closed Session of the 2019 Asiavision News Group Meeting. The winners:

  • Best Breaking News: SLRC, Sri Lanka and VTV, Vietnam
  • Best Vision: TRT, Turkey
  • Best Story: CCTV, China

There was a tie between SLRC of Sri Lanka and VTV of Vietnam for the Best Breaking News award.

SLRC won for its coverage of the Easter Sunday bombings in April 2019. With up-to-date information shared to all Members within an hour of the first blasts as well as follow-up vision from the massacre and information in the months following.

VTV won for its prompt and extensive up-to-date coverage of the historic meeting between the Leader of DPRK Kim Jong Un and United States President Donald Trump that took place in Hanoi, Vietnam in February 2019.

CCTV won the Best Story award for its comprehensive coverage of the series of news stories shared with Members on the state visit by Chinese President Xi Jing Ping to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in June 2019. The vision and accompanying scripts exemplified the spirit of the importance of an exchange program like Asiavision.

With stunning visuals of the Turkish Mountainside, TRT won the Best Vision award for its story on the daily journey of shepherds to the high peaks of Mount Nemrut on a tough, gruelling trek to graze their sheep. The beauful landscapes and breathtaking aerial footage accompanied by the powerful human story of survival won the prize for TRT.

Additionally, Asiavision gave honourable mentions to NHK, Japan and VTV for submitting strong contenders in all three award categories.

The entry period for next year’s Awards is from July 1, 2019 to May 30, 2020. An additional category “Best News Coverage” is being introduced for the 2020 Asiavision Awards. As well, the rules and criteria will be revised to include deliberations and suggestions from Members at the 2019 News Group Meeting. These revised rules will be communicated to Members in the coming months.