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Graceful Family becomes highest-rated K-Drama

When the Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) and Dramax announced their next K-drama was Graceful Family, both local and international fans took the series in stride.

In the past, MBC and Dramax have delivered numerous K-dramas mired by controversies such as Devilish Joy and Fluttering Love. However, some of their K-dramas have aired without any issues, such as Where Stars Land and Level Up, were somewhat ignored.

The problems MBC and Dramax had with their K-dramas seem to follow them with each new series they released until Graceful Family. The mystery suspense K-drama starring Im Soo-Hyang (My ID is Gangnam Beauty), Lee Jang-Woo (My Only One), and Bae Jong-Ok (Designated Survivor: 60 Days) was so good, it has become the highest-rated K-drama ever released by the MBC and Dramax.