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56th ABU GA and Associated Meetings Held

Over 600 top executives from leading broadcast companies in Asia-Pacific and beyond gathered in Tokyo for a week of networking, sharing experiences and learning under the theme Building Trust: Enhancing Audience Experience.

The highest governance body of the Union, the General Assembly, convened on 21 and 22 November, with key issues about the future of the Union high on the agenda. How not to leave any member behind the digital transformation, how to help Asia-Pacific broadcasters navigate the challenges in the industry brought by the digital revolution and social media that have changed the way people work, live and interact.

However, the most important ABU annual gathering started with ABU Sports Group Conference, Radio Working Party and Programme Committee Meeting to be followed by Technical Committee Meeting, 8th Women With the Wave Forum, a Quality Management Workshop, Masterclass on Ethical Journalism.

An exciting new feature of the 2019 Tokyo GA are the NHK Showcases. These high-level knowledge and experience sharing sessions, organised by the Japanese public service broadcaster, demonstrate the NHK latest technologies, content and engagement strategies to serve its diverse audiences.

What the 56th GA will be remembered for by millions of people across the Asia-Pacific region is the entertainment provided by the TV Song Festival Gala and the oldest Radio and TV Documentary Contest, the ABU Prizes. Both show the talent and creativity of the most diverse region in the world and linking people of Asia – Pacific in a unique experience of togetherness and friendship.