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ABU GA attendees treated to a Masterclass in Media Ethics

Mr Eric Wishart of Agence France Presse conducted a masterclass presentation on the sidelines of the GA for the benefit of journalists, broadcasters and delegates.

Mr Wishart stressed the importance of having a published code of ethics which journalists and broadcasters should preferably publish, in order to establish themselves as credible sources of news. He stated:

“To establish credibility and trust, media should be transparent in their news gathering procedures and publish their codes of ethics.

Credible media are not in the propaganda business – we must check facts and seek truth based on facts and if we must report falsehoods, we ought to call them out immediately for what they are, with verified facts.”

He highlighted the need for news generators to be impartial and seek balance and to not give a platform to those promoting marginal or disproven theories. He said the duty of broadcasters is to inform while being mindful of their duty of care to victims, their families and our audiences.