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Afghani channel includes five programmes from BBC News Persian

According to the collaboration, Afghanistan’s national TV channel will host BBC News Persian’s weekly programmes including current affairs, interviews, and debates.

Five programmes from BBC News Persian are being added to the schedule of Afghanistan’s national TV channel, Ariana News. According to the rebroadcasting collaboration, BBC News Persian will bring Ariana News viewers the news and analysis programme Shast Daghigeh (60 Minutes), Saturday to Wednesday.

It will also include the weekly programmes: the current-affairs programme Safheh Do (Page 2 weekend), the interview programme Be-ebarat-eh Digar (HARDtalk), the debate programme Pargar (Compass), and the guide to digital technology, Click.

BBC News Persian has a global weekly audience of 21m on TV, radio and digital. It currently reaches around 8.5m people in Afghanistan every week.