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NHK’s new President appointed

On December 9, NHK’s Board of Governors unanimously elected Mr. Terunobu Maeda, former president of Mizuho Financial Group, as the next President of NHK to succeed Mr. Ryoichi Ueda.

Mr. Ueda’s term will expire on January 24, 2020.

Mr. Terunobu Maeda is 74 years old. He graduated from the University of Tokyo in 1968 and joined Fuji Bank. He also served as President and Chairman of the post-merger Mizuho Financial Group.

Mr. Maeda’s term as NHK President will start on January 25, 2020 and will continue for 3 years.

Mr. Maeda said, “I am ready to bear the big responsibility as President of NHK. I will work hard to catch up on the latest situation and will do my best to fulfill the mission of Public Service Broadcasting”. He also said that what’s important for NHK is to remain impartial and to provide high-quality programs which are trusted by audiences.

The present NHK President, Mr Ryoichi Ueda, will continue his position as the ABU and NHK President until 24th January 2020.

Mr Ryoichi Ueda, assumed his post as President of NHK on 25th January 2017, after serving as a member of the NHK Board of Governors and Audit Committee for 4 years since 2013.

He was then unanimously elected as the ABU President at the ABU General Assembly in September 2018.