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We are delighted to invite you first to participate in the 2020 ABU-MBC Radio Co-production: The Human Right to Health.

This will be the third in our series of Human Rights Campaigns: in our inaugural campaign in 2018 we focussed on Women’s Rights and last year (2019) we produced a campaign about Children’s Rights called Rights 4 Kids.

The ABU-MBC Human Rights Radio Campaigns – aim to involve radio broadcasters throughout the Asia-Pacific in promoting the principles and practices of human rights through short on-air messages, and then sharing their campaigns.

We are inviting you to produce up to 5 stories in audio files about issues of health in your country. In return you will receive all the audio files that other participating broadcasters will produce and can air them at your station. Each audio file should be no more than 60 seconds in duration.

The current pandemic has brought home to everyone how swift, easy and indiscriminate attacks on our health can be. Pandemics are not, of course, the only issues undermining health. Everyday issues such as hygiene, malnutrition, opportunistic injuries, common diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis and complications in pregnancy are just a few that impact each day on millions of men, women and children in the Asia-Pacific. So, while entries this year can be about coronavirus, they can also be on other health issues that impact on a person’s ability to enjoy life as a basic Human Right.

We believe it is very important for Radio members to cover stories about health in your country and deliver them to the world. The ABU is inviting you to play an active role in this meaningful project.

For further details, please download this file explaining the project in more detail.