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Making the most of Asiavision’s MOJO Workshops

With Mojo (mobile journalism) training one of the top priorities of Asiavision’s Training and Development Strategy in 2020, Indonesia’s TVRI is the first broadcaster to take up the skills training. Two back-to-back, two-day workshops are being held in late January for 45 journalists from Jakarta and the regions.

TVRI’s Director Program/News, Apni Jaya Putra is passionate about Mojo and his skills are regularly on display at the broadcaster he leads. His contribution includes the time he was travelling home for Hari Raya when he used Facebook Live to bring traffic news to millions of viewers. The cameraman? His son, a medical doctor. And when he was in Iran, Jaya Putra shot a half-hour documentary on his smartphone, proving that anything is possible with digital.

As a news leader in Asia, Jaya Putra will feature in an Asiavision shortform video displaying his passion and skills to encourage other Members to recognise the promise of this new media.

Asiavision will be offering one or two-day Mojo workshops on shooting and editing news stories for television and social media. They are designed for 15 or so participants and can be run back-to-back to ensure more people are trained at each broadcaster. The workshops are targeted at training on-the-road reporters, but they are also helpful for producers and newsroom leaders to have a detailed understanding of the workflow required so they can identify how Mojo could benefit their newsrooms and programs.