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Putting Passion First – Asiavision’s Chairman outlines the focus for 2020

When News Group Chairman Indra Singh spoke to the Members’ Forum at the Tokyo General Assembly, he focused on passion. He highlighted the commitment that is needed so Asiavision Members work together as a Union to deliver the best stories about their countries and people.
And he spoke about having the passion to work the extra mile to ensure Asiavision becomes the goto news service for all Members as they focus on making 2020 a breakthrough year.
The Manager News and Sports at the Fijian Broadcasting Corporation also detailed the new slogan and theme that has been developed by the News Department and is detailed in a new flyer.
The slogan – Asiavision: Where Storytellers Meet – defines the type of news reports best for the Brightcove platform: Diverse, same-day items that include breaking news, cultural stories and compelling vision. The theme for 2020 and beyond – Asiavision: Thriving in the Digital First Era – describes Asiavision’s focus on multi-platform content and same-day stories that resonate throughout the Region.
Along with a new Promo Reel that features the reporters and anchors from several Members as they explain the ethos and culture at the heart of Asiavision, this rebranding shows the way into a new decade.