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16th Annual Digital Broadcasting Symposium-DBS 2020 opens in Kuala Lumpur

Tuesday, March 03 saw the official opening of the 2020 Digital Broadcasting Symposium-DBS in Kuala Lumpur.

DBS 2020 carries the theme “Collaborate and Innovate”, placing importance upon working together and finding innovating solutions to the common problems the broadcast industry is facing.

This year, the topics for the conference and workshops aim to address the ongoing challenges for, and help find effective solutions to, issues so broadcasters can continue to remain relevant and make informed decisions.

A main aim of the event was also to assist broadcasters and industry players ways in finding creative solutions to face the challenge of the competition they are facing and in addressing the need to move quickly in order to adopt a more media-centric approach.

In his opening speech given to commence the conference, Dr Javad Mottaghi, Secretary General of the ABU outlined how new technologies and advanced solutions, which are fast being rolled out by tech savvy organisations, are disrupting the usual flow of media delivery and distribution. He stated: “Media consumption is becoming more and more personal and the use of different platforms and devices are placing the audience more in control.”

With recognition and appreciation towards sponsors, attendees and speakers alike having been expressed, he declared the symposium officially opened.