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1st and 2nd graders in Korea to begin new school year with EBS TV lessons

In a new learning environment in South Korea created by the coronavirus outbreak, getting glued to the television screen won’t be such a bad thing for young students.

The education ministry announced on Sunday that starting on April 20, first and second graders in elementary school will be following instructions offered in TV programs and handout materials, rather than through live online classes like older students. Those programs will air on the state-run Educational Broadcasting System (EBS).

Those in first, second and third grades in elementary school were set to start their online classes on April 20. However, with younger students unlikely to stay focused while sitting in front of computers or smart devices for up to 40 minutes at a time, the education ministry came up with the new curriculum for first and second grade students. In addition to watching EBS shows, these young students will receive additional materials from their schools that are designed to help them with writing, drawing and arithmetic.