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Theodor Rogalski, one of the biggest Romanian masters of orchestration

ROR has uploaded one item which presents Theodor Rogalski, one of the biggest Romanian masters of orchestration.

(1901 –1954)
The Romanian composer, conductor, arranger and pianist. Theodor Rogalski is a reference name in the evolution of Romanian musical culture in the first half of the twentieth centuries.
Rogalski performed internationally as a concert pianist and held several important positions in Bucharest’s most prestigious musical institutions including: répétiteur at the National Opera House, music director of the National Radio, conductor of the Radio Symphony Orchestra, associate conductor of the Bucharest Philharmonic, professor of orchestration at the Bucharest Conservatoire.


 Theodor Rogalski wrote memorable works for chamber ensembles and musical theatre. He also transcribed and adapted folk music. One of those are Three Romanian Dances which our member, ROR, has shared us.








Three Romanian Dances includes:

1.     Folk dance from Ardeal

2.     Gaida (Macedo – Romanian folk dance)

3.     Romanian folk dance from Muntenia.

According to The Orient in Music – Music of the Orient edited by Malgorzata Grajter, Three Romanian Dances are about a transcultural sound world, about layers of ethnic features and a complex palimpsest of identities.

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